Links to other Christian Science Related Web Sites: -the official web site of the Church of Christ, Scientist -Learn about Christian Science and the people living it around the world.

Sample articles from the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel - Christian Science Organizations web site - a community of youth and youthful thinkers around the globe united by the healing mission of Christian Science
my Bible - specifically designed for teen and young adult readers - the web site of the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity - the electronic version of The Christian Science Monitor newspaper
Today's article on Christian Science from The Christian Science Monitor - connecting people, organizations and ideas within the worldwide Christian Science community - a web site for Christian Science kids and their parents, from - a web site for high school and college-aged people who are making Christian Science their own, from
The Albert Baker Fund - provides loans and a limited number of grants to Christian Science college students.
The Principle Fountation - The mission of The Principle Foundation is to demonstrate Christian love that meets the human needs of Christian Scientists.
DiscoveryBound - organized to provide inspiring recreational, social, educational, and service activities for Christian Scientists and their friends, especially young people, in an atmosphere conducive to the recognition of the practicality and effectiveness of Christian Science.
Camps for Christian Science Youth and Families
Camp Bow-Isle - British Columbia, Canada
Cedars Camps - Missoui
Crystal Lake Camps - Pennsylvania
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