Focus on Metaphysics:

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Welcome! If you're reading this, you're obviously interested in learning about the role of a student from the highest possible perspective -- the spiritual dimension. This dimension is not in conflict or competition with any other genuine modes of study. But it does give you a context, a purpose and meaning for all other learning.

The spiritual dimension is not only an infinite frontier, it's a totally available one, awaiting your discovery, no farther than the doorstep of thought. Are you ready to explore the consciousness of Mind, God? Our desire is to help and encourage you to move about more freely as a spiritual being within this loving consciousness.

Let's begin by posing some questions, shall we? The quotes at the end of each question are from several translations of the Bible, and from the writings of the Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.

Happy adventuring!

Here are some questions to begin:

  1. What is the spiritual meaning of student?
  2. What is the spiritual model for teacher?
  3. Why study?
  4. What should I be learning?
  5. What about peer pressure?
  6. Should I be studying for personal gain?
  7. How can my individual study help others and the world?

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